The SFNS Economic Toolkit (SET) was developed in response to the Regional Economic Leakage Study findings.

SET is a suite of six tools designed to strengthen the regional First Nations economy among SFNS First Nations by reducing economic leakage (external spending).

To learn more about the SFNS Economic Toolkit (SET) or the
Regional Economic Leakage Study, contact Southern First Nations Secretariat.

Public tools

The following tools are available publicly to all SFNS members.
(Note: Some tools may require registration.)

Skills & Job Bank

Skills & Job Bank connects job-seekers with employers looking for skilled workers.

Business Directory

Business Directory will help you to advertise your business to companies and government agencies looking to contract local First Nations-owned businesses.

Capacity Development Tool

Capacity Development tool will help you decide which education or training opportunities are most suitable for you.

Exclusive Access Tools

The following tools require exclusive access to use

Business Viability Tool

Business Viability Tool will help you decide which industry may be most suitable for your business to flourish in your First Nation and the region.

Community Asset Maps

Community Asset Mapping Tool, will help you to take a strength-based approach to planning.

Group Purchasing Tool

Group Purchasing Tool allows you to determine how much money your First Nation could save across different areas by entering into a group purchasing agreement.

To inquire about gaining access to the Exclusive Access tools,
please contact SFNS Economic Toolkit Administrators

Strengthening our member First Nations