Research/Member Support Specialist

  • CompanyOFNEDA
  • Education / CredentialsUniversity degree or college diploma in social sciences, business or economics.
  • ResumeRequired
  • Cover LetterRequired
  • Application Deadline11/17/2023

Job Description

Applications are now being accepted for the following remote Full Time 2-year contract (35 hrs./week) position:

Research/Member Support Specialist


The Research/Member Support Specialist (RMSS) is responsible for conducting research projects that will identify gaps, opportunities, procurement readiness for indigenous communities in Ontario. This research will aid in the development of a comprehensive FN community and business database. The RMSS will also provide support to OFNEDA members will funding application completion, financing options and access, proposal writing and workshop/conference access. The IPD’s mandate is to:

i. Conduct research on FN community infrastructure and capacity to identify existing assets and gaps that will aid the organization in determining support mechanisms for utilizing and engaging the assets while closing the gaps. As a result of this research a comprehensive database on FN
communities with business identification, workforce skills and procurement readiness will be developed.

ii. Complete research on both federal and provincial procurement over the past 5 years identifying the largest supply opportunities that indigenous communities and businesses can aim to engage in.

iii. Identify current economic growth sectors that FNs should consider exploring for economic development.

iv. Support OFNEDA members with finding funding and financing sources, understanding and completing proposals, identifying economic development workshops, forums, events and conferences that will build skills, and connect members to mentors who can help with sector inquiries.


The RMSS’s primary role is to:
• Conduct research on Ontario FN communities and businesses to develop a comprehensive indigenous database by community.
• Conduct procurement research on federal and provincial supply history to identify major areas for indigenous supply growth and engagement.
• Communicate constantly with the Executive Director on research initiatives for approval’s and evaluation.
• Coordinate with the accountant on the processing and timely filing of payments and spending for the organization on research initiatives.
• Communicate effectively and respond timely to requests from the Executive Director, the Executive Board, members, consultants, government reps and indigenous business leaders.
• Internal lead in the first point of contact for member support inquiries.
• Operate under the organizations policies, controls and procedures.
• Other tasks/duties/responsibilities as requested by the Executive Director.


OFNEDA will consider candidates that POSSESS, and adequate combination of skills and experiences required to successfully fulfil this role. All candidates will have the flexibility to travel within the province of Ontario (and occasionally nationally) and must possess an excellent understanding of First
Nation communities and culture. Candidates will also have a practical knowledge of First Nation economic development organizations, indigenous businesses, and their mandates.

Although not mandatory, OFNEDA would expect candidates to have, at a minimum, the following experience and education qualifications:
1) University degree or college diploma in social sciences, business or economics.
2) Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite of Products
3) Superior communication and report writing skills.
4) Excellent organizational, project and time management skills.
5) Ability to work from a home-based office with minimal supervision.
6) Self-starter, highly motivated, personable.
7) Flexibility to travel
8) Knowledge of First Nation communities, culture, business organizations is an asset.

This is a remote Full Time 2 Year Contract position beginning immediately. Annual salary range for this position is $48,000 to $52,000 per year.

Cover letter and resume including address and phone number can be emailed to the following:

Tiffany Taylor, Recruitment Officer for OFNEDA
Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS)
Job description can be found on the OFNEDA website: or by emailing the above contact.

Deadline for Applica9ons: Friday, November 17, 2023 @ 4:30 p.m.